Myth of Russia in French Culture


Sergey Fomin

Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod


The Myth of Russia


(By Way of Introduction)

The studies of cultural relations between Russia and other European countries are traditionally one of the priorities for research in the modern Russian science. The perception of Russia in different national cultures is in the focus of fundamental research by N.M. Mikhalskaya, S.B. Koroleva, L.F. Habibullina. The image of Russia in France is studied in scientific works by A.R. Oshchepkov, V.P. Trykov, S.L. Fokina and others.

A new branch of science is born in the 20th century – imagology, “a sphere of humanities, an interdisciplinary study of images, i.e. set representations of ‘another’, their formation and functioning in a national culture”.[1]

[1] Kalinina O.V. The image of Russia in A. Makin’s novels: “The French Testament”, “Requiem for the East”, “The Earth and Sky of Jacques Dorme”. Author’s abstract of Candidate’s Thesis. M. MSPU, 2016. P. 3.

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